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How to add backlinks to a website or a blog

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Blogging can be a tough venture and everyone in this field is looking for one main product, website visitors.
How to add backlinks to a website or a blog

Blogging can be a tough venture and everyone in this field is looking for one main product, website visitors. Therefore as a beginning blogger or website owner traffic is required and that is how backlinks come in. Backlinks are essential to websites or blogs and that’s why webmasters are always concerned about getting high-quality backlinks for their websites.

Backlinks are sourced from different directories, blogs or websites, they play a huge role in directing traffic to websites and blogs. The traffic is generally considered money for it translates into money therefore, people prefer high-quality backlinks because they are money.

The process of adding backlinks to a website there are steps to follow to make it a success. The foundation of adding backlinks to a website is researching about them keenly identifying the best sources. Getting the backlinks could easily be done through normal research on any search engine such as Google. Through this research, you will receive a guide to what is required to be done.

After researching backlinks, one is required to register on one of the backlinks platforms to be able to share links to their website or blogs. If they choose a well-known backlinks platform then this is an assurance for high-value traffic for them.

By use of SEO and other

Always remember that the websites that will provide you backlinks are all different as they all have different purposes and topics. Each platform used has its instructions, thus some websites will require you to add your URL address as instructed. Other websites might require you to leave your URL address in the signature box. It is up to you to keep in mind that each website or forum that will give you a backlink is different unless the backlinks have instructions.

Once on the site, you will be required to connect links to your site by leaving them in the signature box with keywords. These keywords could simply be two or three-word phrases that have a chance of giving you high-value traffic. A good example of some of these keywords is “How to make money from home”. Google has however made couple changes to their guidelines which will suggest that you don’t use anchor rich keywords. According to these new guidelines, you will be much better off with a URL link or simply a click here button.

Run analysis for competitors using SEO and other tools so as you understand what other companies in the same niche are doing. The backlinking process involves various daily activities that require consistent attention and active participation. Backlinking is an important task in search engine optimization since it offers more benefits to a website in Google ranking SERP.

By use of SEO and other tools related to it has more benefits to a website whether it is a start-up or a matured website. SEO is an important tool in blogging as it can help you attract both primary and secondary visitors to your site. Therefore, one can start working on building SEO and other tools and use them in the same fashion to get more benefits to their website and blog in equal measure.

Forums Posting

Besides the methods mentioned earlier, there are many other ways to include backlinks to a website or blog. The said methods include: Blog commenting, Forums posting, Guest blogging online web directories and Infographics.

Blog commenting

This is an action that includes a website owner commenting on other blogs that have a similar topic being discussed. Through blog commenting, one can leave some do-follow links on blogs that have this attribute enabled. Blog commenting through its popularity is voted as one of the most common ways of getting backlinks. But for it to be effective, it has to be on high ranking sites to generate high-quality traffic.

Forums Posting

Bloggers and website users use a

This is a backlinking process that always stands out from the rest of the backlinking processes. Forum posting gives a website owner exposure to other website owners and active valuable website visitors. It is considered a safe method to use in the bid to acquire backlinks which is an important method but is frequently missed by most bloggers.

Most bloggers will either not use it in the right way or, they will not give it a direct connection to their website using a link signature. The use of link signatures is a big boost to one’s site be it a startup or a full-blown website.

Guest Blogging

Bloggers and website users use a ton of tactics to acquire or increase blog and website traffic. Guest blogging is one of these many ways used by bloggers to make more traffic and get backlinks. It stands as an important tactic to increase traffic where bloggers write and publish blogs on other bloggers’ platforms.

How to add backlinks to a website or a blog

Guest blogging includes writing a post that is published on another person’s blog and the other person publishes a post that appears to your blogs and the other way round. This, therefore, is an indication of the mutual relationship that comes through guest blogging.

Online Web Directories

These directories are maintained by a community of volunteer editors that uses a simple tact that involves performing a task then give their blog by suggesting a URL and a get backlink. It, in turn, helps in building a following for them even if they don’t get paid for writing for the said Website or blog.

All they need in this case is a connection from this flourishing website or blog to their budding sites/blogs. For example, if someone writes about Journalism and writes for a well-known media house, even without pay, they can easily link their websites at the end of the post to build their traffic.


Visual data is naturally attractive and easy to understand for both the primary target and secondary target. Most websites have their viewers, who essentially are the website’s visitors, prefer graphics to text. Infographics are considered the most important way to drive traffic to the website and in return gain high-value backlinks.

After identifying your topic of discussion, follow the latest trendy topics and create infographics to share content about your website. Infographics come in three main formats, they come in the form of images, videos, and GIFs they will easily attract high-value web visitor’s websites.

Finally, one should follow the tips followed in this article since, if you do not follow it, you may not be able to see results at the end of the day. This will, therefore, affect your earnings from your website. It is important to network with other website owners to exchange backlinks.

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